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Dampab in all his glory

The aboslute perfect specimen of a human being, Dampab is the brains, brawn, looks, and comedic talent of the Extraplayers cast. Pretty much perfect in every conceivable way, Dampab allows the Extraplayers stream to bask in his benevolence and glory every night at 8PM CST.Edit


Created in response to a rising threat from Canada, Dampab was born in Cork, Ireland. Dampab is an all seeing, all knowing, all powerful being tasked with preventing the Canadian threat from growing any more powerful than it currently is. Dampab currently holds the world record for largest ego, beating the entire country of France by over 7.2 billion units of ego.

Gaming ProwessEdit

Much to the envy of his sworn rival Beanzfury; Dampab boasts an impressive gamerscore of over 120,000. Something he will never let Beanz forget. Hoping to crush any and all resistance to the Canadian empire Beanz issued him with a challenge: 100% Doritos Crash Course 2. Dampab (of course never shying away from any challenge) is currently trying his very best to make this challenge fair, by making it seem like he is unable to complete it.