He is said to have been born by the very flames of hell itself and cast upon the earth as penance for allowing the creation of the Xbox One. Beanzfury, charismatic co-host of the Extraplayers, sits atop his mountain of salt and Canadian bacon. He is ever vigilant, ever watchful.

When he isn't torturing damned souls or consuming the blood of his enemies, Beanz can be found on skype with his resident bromigo, Troy Kersey.

During the streamEdit

When Beanz can find time in his busy schedule of plotting to destroy Ireland and playing Trials to grace us with his presence, all cower in fear of his temper. Fires are cast far and wide, sweeping torrents of pain and suffering follow in his wake. He is, however, team PS4. This of course makes him slightly less malevolent.

Salt LevelsEdit

Salt levels in Beanzfury are said to be 250% above normal salt levels, climbing even further when he is forced to play games such as Battleblock Theater. When his salt levels rise above these levels, entire city blocks are destroyed.